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The Trans-Oil Group of Companies expands its sales markets at the MENA region (the countries of the Middle East and North Africa).

The International Middle East Grains & Oil Congress takes place at the Egyptian capital Cairo on March 11-12th 2019. It is organized by APK-Inform (Ukraine) information and analytical agency. Trans-Oil Group of Companies is the general sponsor of the forum.

The President of Trans-Oil Group Vaja Jhashi:
This event was not chosen randomly. Egypt is the largest importer of grain crops, ranking 1st in the world in wheat imports (12.5 million tons) and 5th place in imports of corn (9.7 million tons). Thus, Egypt is one of the main targeting market for agricultural products from Russia and Ukraine, as well as our group of companies from Moldova. The MENA market is not new to us, but every year we strive to expand our presence there.

Vaja Jhashi makes the opening speech to more than 200 Congress participants from 22 countries.
The Congress was also welcomed by His Excellency Dr. Ali El Mesalhy, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade of Egyptian Cabinet.
The Congress will assess the global and regional markets for grain, oil-seeds and the products made of it, as well as prospects for development in the nearest future.

Special attention at the Congress pais to the legal aspects of trade in Egypt, as a key player in the MENA market. Moldova will be represented by Thierry Beaupied as a promising supplier to the Egyptian market, he is the head of the trade department of the Trans-Oil Group. Tamaz Jhashi is Commercial Director of the Trans-Oil Group, he will represent the growing potential of the sunflower and the products made of it in Moldova. The general director of FLOAREA SOARELUI SA Stela Ostrovetchi will tell the forum participants about the worldwide consumption of sunflower oil due to its favourable distinguishing qualities, as well as the development of new products such as high-oleic and organic sunflower oil.

The following speakers will participate at the event: the General Secretary of the International Sunflower Oil Association (ISOA), a representative of the Egyptian State Foodstuffs Procurement Agency GASC, international experts in the establishment of prices and logistics, businessmen from Egypt, Libya, Jordan, China will also represent their markets.

The Trans Oil Group of Companies is the largest buyer and exporter of grains and oil-seeds in Moldova. The group includes 16 elevators throughout the country, capable to store more than 750 thousand tons simultaneously; there are also 2 oil extraction plants in Balti and Ceadir-Lunga with a production capacity of 1,200 tons per day and 400 tons of sunflower per day, respectively; 2 grain terminals and a terminal for sunflower oil in the Giurgiulesti International Free Port; as well as a number of agricultural, transport, infrastructure enterprises in the Ukraine, their own fleet of modern rail wagons, as well as a modern fleet of vehicles for freight traffic.

The year of 2018 became a benchmark one for TRANS OIL GROUP OF COMPANIES. The largest fat-and-oil plant in Moldova — FLOAREA SOARELUI SA (Bălți), completed the first phase of a major modernization project which covers reconstruction of the development section and a new oil extraction workshop. Trans-Oil, the parent entity, has already invested 10 mln EUR in modernization of the plant.

The project is designed to achieve several goals. The first goal is economic. The new investment will allow the factory to increase production volumes by nearly 30% — from 800 tonnes to 1200 tonnes per day of sunflower seed. The second goal is commercial. The project will upgrade the quality of the produced oil and improve the oil’s competitive advantage on the market. Lastly, the third goal is environmental. The new technology should minimize the environmental effect of any industrial processes.

— During this year, thanks to the addition of the advanced equipment, we managed to significantly increase the production of our oil while reducing manufacturing losses. Thus, the prime production cost was significantly reduced, said the General Director of FLOAREA SOARELUI SA, Stella Ostrovetchi. — The highest level of technological development provides us with additional commercial benefits, such as being able to purchase raw materials at the most attractive prices as well as implementation of efficient tools for providing advancements to agricultural producers. These developments will motivate agrarians to increase their yield figures through use of the latest technologies of soil treatment, seed material, and crop protection products.

The next stage of development for FLOAREA SOARELUI SA is the construction of a new elevator complex. The additional storage capacities will increase the current factory storage capacity from 35 thsd tonnes to 70 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed. The project is scheduled to be completed in October-November of 2019.


By way of the official awards ceremony within the 15th jubilee competition, held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moldova jointly with the State Agency for Intellectual Property (AGEPI), FLOAREA SOARELUI SA was awarded with the following distinctions:

- Grand Prix for REBRANDING – FLORIS trade mark.
- Grand Prix in the nomination DEBUT – of  RĂSĂRIT trade mark.
- Grand Prix in the category WOMAN IN BUSINESS – to Stela Ostrovetchi, General director of the FLOAREA SOARELUI plant.

The process of rebranding of FLORIS trade mark - sunflower oil of the highest quality - was carried out in 2017. Successfuly restyled logo corresponds to modern world trends. The goal of restyling was to emphasize the individual shape and easily identifiability on objects of any size. This was implemented by using a hard-angled marking.

FLORIS products are exported world-wide and the new logo has successfully passed transliteration into the Arabic and Hindi alphabet, as well as Chinese characters.

The new trademark of RĂSĂRIT sunflower oil successfully debuted on retails in 2017. Alongside the company’s output such as FLORIS, Mister Cook, Aroma Soarelui, Privolie, RĂSĂRIT trade mark immediately gained the buyers’ appreciation after entering the market and ranked a worthy position in the assortment of goods produced by the FLOAREA SOARELUI SA.

The most prestigious nomination in the Trade Mark of the Year competition is the award for high achievements in quality. This is confirmed by the fact that the competition commission includes experts from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moldova, the Center for Accreditation, the Institute for Standardization and Metrology, the Agency for the Protection of Consumer Rights, the Patronage Association in the field of product conformity and the East Europe Foundation. This premium was awarded to the FLOAREA SOARELUI sunflower oil production plant, located in Balti - the northern capital of Moldova.

The plant has been managing for many years by Stela Ostrovetchi, who was awarded with a premium in the category WOMAN IN BUSINESS. Under her leadership, jointly with the support of TRANS OIL shareholders, the FLOAREA SOARELUI plant is constantly being modernized, its production capacity is increasing and the quality of its products is highly valued in the markets of Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.